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We recommend you see a General Practitioner (GP).

Any GP can prescribe PREP, order STI and HIV tests and give Hepatitis vaccines if needed.

  • A GP can help with all aspects of your health like mental health, general health and cancer prevention. GPs are not sexual health or HIV specialists.
  • Many GPs now charge for length-based consultations (above your Medicare rebate.) Tests are usually free. See GP websites for details or give them a call.

Ask your friends who they recommend as a GP. Here are some suggestions:

Have a look at this interactive map which shows some GPs we have worked with who are happy to see clients from SSHC.


We do not manage these GPs and have no control over the service you receive there. These are GPs that we work with and can provide with help when needed. We will support any GP you choose to see.

Other resources:

Gay Friendly GP List 

Call the Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) on 1800 451 624 if you have questions.

Any GP can prescribe PrEP, those who do so regularly can opt in to the PrEP Access Now GP Locator.

Have you had a great local GP and think they should be added to this list? We’d love to hear from you.


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