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Have Symptoms? Or A Contact Of Someone Who Has An STI?

We see people with symptoms of an STI or if you have a sexual partner(s) who has been diagnosed with a STI (even if you don’t have symptoms yourself).

STI symptoms typically affect the genitals or anus, for example unusual discharge, pain when passing urine, broken skin, a rash, lumps, pain during sex, vaginal bleeding between periods or during sex, or anal discomfort or bleeding.

Unsure if your symptoms could be an STI? Call the Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) on 1800 451 624 to discuss your personal circumstances and who may be the best service for you.

General Clinic

We provide you with testing, treatment and management of sexually transmissible infections (STIs), including HIV.

Check the opening hours on our website.

Please book an appointment with us by calling (02) 9382 7440.

Testing STI Testing Sydney
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We have a fast, easy and convenient new testing option available – MyCheck!
Test at a pathology service near you without needing to attend the clinic.

To use MyCheck you must:
• Be over 18 years of age
• Be an existing SSHC client (have a patient ID number)
• Have NO symptoms

SSHC will manage all your results and provide treatment if needed.

Call (02) 9382 7440 and ask for MyCheck.

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In a hurry and want a quick STI test? Xpress clinic is quicker than the general clinic because you won’t get a physical examination – especially convenient for people who have to test frequently.

You can only use Xpress if you do not have symptoms. You must be able to read and understand English well to attend Xpress clinic.

Before you make an appointment, check if you are eligible using our Time To Test? online risk assessment tool. This will help us work out if we are the best place to meet your needs. We’ll ask you a few questions about your recent sexual activity and at the end, we’ll tell you what to do next.

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General Practice (GP) or other testing options

Most STI and HIV testing in NSW is conducted through GPs. It’s a good idea for everyone who is sexually active to get a regular check-up. We recommend you see a GP for this.

Click here for a referral letter you can take to your GP. Or explore other testing options.

If you want help in finding a local doctor or you would like further information, talk to sexual health nurse at the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624.

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Have questions about symptoms or being a sexual contact of somebody who has tested positive? No worries, we’ve got answers!

What are symptoms of an STI or HIV?

We see anybody who has symptoms of HIV or an STI. Common symptoms of an STI include itching of genitals/anus or unusual discharge, rashes, or sores in the genital area. Symptoms of HIV may include a rash over the body, fever, and fatigue. However, these symptoms can be different for each person, or may be due to illnesses other than HIV.

I'm concerned I've been exposed to HIV.

If you are concerned you may have been exposed to HIV, you can call us to start Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). This is a medication that helps prevent you from acquiring HIV after you have been exposed. It must be started within 72 hours of exposure to be effective. You may access PEP through SSHC, a hospital emergency department, or if outside of our opening hours call the PEP hotline on 1800 737 669 to discuss your risk and options available to you.

How do I get an appointment?

Phone (02) 9382 7440 to book an appointment here at the clinic. We do accept walk ins without an appointment until 4pm, however there may be a long wait and priority will be given for urgent needs or people with symptoms. It is best to call ahead to avoid disappointment. If you are outside of the inner city of Sydney and would like help finding a sexual health clinic in your local area call the Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) on 1800 451 624. Most sexual health checks in Australia are done in a GP setting. Call SHIL for advice on having an STI test at a GP if this is new for you.

Can I talk to someone about symptoms?

If you’re not sure if you may have an STI you may call us on (02) 9382 7440 to find out if you should come for an appointment. If you’d like to discuss symptoms or risk more generally, call the Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) on 1800 451 624.

Can I get treatment?

If you are diagnosed with an STI we can provide you with treatment. We may also offer you treatment as a precaution if you are a contact of somebody with a confirmed STI.

Will I have to pay?

The appointment at SSHC is free, however there can sometimes be costs associated with purchasing medications from a pharmacy. We will advise you of any costs and if this is a barrier for you discuss options available.

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