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See a GP

Most STI and HIV testing in NSW is conducted through General Practice (GPs). It’s a good idea for everyone who is sexually active to get a regular check-up. We recommend you see a GP for this.

Click here for a referral letter you can take to your GP.

Don’t have a regular GP?
Ask our nurses about the Friends of SSHC GP list for suggestions of GPs who do a lot of sexual health testing.

Or you can use these services to find a GP:


Health Direct  

If you want help to find a local doctor or you would like further information, talk to sexual health nurse at the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624.


Paid testing options

For more information, search online or contact the Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) on 1800 451 624.


Dried Blood Spot (DBS)

A DBS test is a free, easy and accurate way to test for HIV and/or hepatitis C without having to come into the clinic.

The DBS test works by putting a few drops of blood from your finger on a test card and leaving to dry.

Check out the DBS website for detailed instructions and information on how to order.

Dried Blood Spot Website  

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